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“Taxes are for Certain : Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes...” will let you learn the basics of the tax system – allowing you the chance to finally get the full refund you deserve.




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How many times have you asked yourself – what am I going to do about my taxes? Don't you feel like sometimes you just needed someone to lay out the facts about taxes for you in plain English so that you would know how to begin in the ever changing tax code? Have you been cursing the IRS and hoping that that urban legend that you do not actually have to pay taxes is actually a truth?


Maybe you have been audited in the past or you simply have new things to add to your taxes that are complicated. In either case, your mind is filled with questions about what happens, what you should do, etc. Have you begun to feel like you would never know everything? Or at least, you would never be able to learn the really important things about filling out your tax forms? Have you been wondering if there was an easy way that you could finally learn more?


The good news is that no matter if you have already filed an extension or you are just starting, “Taxes are for Certain : Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes...” is the perfect resource for everything to do with taxes. Not only will you learn about how the tax system works, but you will also learn about how to make it work for YOU.


If you're ready to make this tax season painless, you need to grab a copy of “Taxes are for Certain : Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes...” right now. No matter what kinds of questions you have, I will give you the answers you've been looking for.


To start things off, we are going to speak about some of the most common taxes you will see:


  • Understanding federal taxes
  • Handling state taxes
  • Property tax ins and outs
  • Sales taxes
  • Estate taxes


By learning about these different taxes and how they affect you, you can set yourself up for a successful tax filing year – complete with a nice refund cheque. And with “Taxes are for Certain : Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes....,” you can be certain that you consider all of your options – not just those others tell you.


So, where do we begin?


Even if you have never done your own taxes before, my eBook is going to guide you through the basics of what you will expect in terms of handling taxes for small businesses.


You will learn about:


  • When is a business a business
  • Payroll taxes
  • Online tax concerns
  • Other taxes businesses face
  • Nonprofit status


When you have all this information, you will be able to see what your business options are in terms of the tax laws. Instead of simply running the day to day affairs of your business, you will be able to make decisions based on the future of your taxes and how they will affect your profits.


But the truth is that there is so much that you need to know before you can complete your taxes. And maybe you need more help than you can do on your own. In “Taxes are for Certain : Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes...,” you are going to learn about tax relief options.


Learn about:


  • When tax law matters
  • Deciphering tax forms
  • When an accountant is in needed
  • How the IRS will actually help


With this knowledge, you can pick the right 'help' to get you moving in a successful direction – without worry.


But in order to begin, you need the help of professionals, don't you? Of course, you already knew that. In “Taxes are for Certain : Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes....,” you are going to find out exactly where to go.


I will cover:


  • Tax help for individuals
  • Where to turn for small business tax help


This will help you figure out where to turn when you have a question that a publication just can not answer for you.


But there's even more!


You don't need to be a professional tax preparer to learn every possible deductions and savings you can take advantage of on your next tax return.


Learn about:


  • Individual tax savings ideas
  • Tax saving measures for business


Instead of thinking that taxes are unfair, you will learn about the smart ways to reduce your tax burdens by taking deductions, applying for tax credits and changing your exemption status.


In “Taxes are for Certain : Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes...,” we're also going to cover special circumstance deductions that apply to some of the population.


  • When Head of Household applies
  • Moving tax deduction
  • Other deductions that may apply


This is going to help you determine how else you could save on your taxes when special circumstances have come up during the tax year.


Whether you are nervous about this year's taxes or you are just worried about money in general, the fact remains that planning is your best friend and your best ally for now and in the future.


In order to prepare yourself for future savings goals and events, you need to think about how you will create clear plans.


I'll talk about:


  • Types of planning services available
  • Why tax planners make good bedfellows


If more people knew about these services, there probably would not be as big of a concern about retirement savings and other big financial goals.


Also, if you order a copy of “Taxes are for Certain : Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes...,” I'm going to include a copy of my special report, “Tax Savings & Reductions "


This 10 page report includes information on how to best prepare for your audit, should the time come for you.


While this is generally thought of as a scary situation, with good preparation, you can start to change your anxiety level from high to calm and collected.


I just had so much ideas that I could not fit them all into “Taxes are for Certain : Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes...” Even with 45 pages of information, I still needed to include this special report for you.


But what are you really getting from these books?


When you order a copy of “Taxes are for Certain: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxes....,” you are not only getting a comprehensive guide to taxes, but you are also learning about resources that can help you if you are really stumped on what to do next.


By taking the time to learn what to expect from your taxes and how to best prepare yourself and your business for this process, you will make the most of ever tax return – and that means lower taxes and potentially higher refund checks.





Table Of Content


1 The Inevitability Of Taxes
Understanding Federal Income Taxes
Handling State Taxes
Property Tax Ins And Outs
Sales Taxes
Estate Taxes

2 Business Tax Concerns
When Is A Business A Business
Payroll Taxes
Online Tax Concerns
Other Taxes Business Faces
Nonprofit Status

3 Seeking Help For Tax Relief
When Tax Law Matters
Deciphering Tax Forms
When An Accountant Is In Order
How The Irs Can Actually Help

3 Agencies That Cut Through The Red Tape
Tax Help For Individuals
Where To Turn For Small Business Tax Help

4 Special Circumstance Deductions
When Head Of Household Applies
Moving Tax Deduction
i/. Did You Have Move More Than 50 Miles Away From Where You Are Now Working?
ii/. Did You Have To Move For Work?
Other Deductions That May Apply

6 Planning And Preparing For The Future
Types Of Planning Services Available
Why Tax Planners Make Good Bedfellows

7 How To Prepare For A Tax Audit
The Authority
Representation - The Basics
Representation Services
Why Is A Tax-Audit Conducted?
i. Random Targets
ii. Specific Reasons
The Tax Audit Process
The First Step
Documents To Be Checked
The Document Checklist
Preventing Audits
i. Home Office Equipment
ii. Excessive Tax Deductions
iii. Avoid Human Error
iv. Tax Payment
Are You At A Risk?
The Outcomes
1. Criminal Prosecution
2. Repayments And Settlement
3. No Charge
Miscellaneous Tips


Here is an excerpt of the ebook


While the Federal Income Tax laws are usually enough of a nuisance to individuals and businesses, these are only helping to add to the income of the federal government, not to the state in which you reside.

This is why state income taxes are in place.

Just like the federal income tax law system, the rate of taxes you pay is based on your adjusted gross income after deductions. And then you can follow a similar formula for figuring out whether you owe or you do not owe.

However, with state taxes, things are a bit different. For one, there are some states that do not impose a state tax at all:

•  Washington

•  Nevada

•  Alaska

•  Florida

•  Texas

•  South Dakota

•  Wyoming

Other states only base their state taxes off of certain kinds of income.

The overall state taxation system is generally progressive in the remaining states, that is, the taxes become more and more with higher levels of income, with the highest rate of 9.5% being in Vermont .

The lowest state income tax is the flat tax that Illinois imposes at 3%.

There are also some different rules in terms of state taxes when it comes to individuals versus businesses. Some states, like Alaska , don't charge individuals state taxes, but do require businesses to pay.

State taxes are also taken out of paycheques, but it is not easily affected like the federal income tax can be with the use of multiple deductions.

The trick with these taxes is that it is hard to reduce them on your final tax filing. Unlike income taxes, you can not really deduct for these taxes, making them often a source of owed taxes instead of another refund.

This is due to the Alternative Minimum Tax, which states that certain taxpayers will pay between 26 and 28% in taxes on their income, regardless of their deductions.

This will affect those with higher incomes than those with lower incomes, but it seems that the middle class is suddenly being hit with this tax as well.

Because the Alternative Minimum Tax has not been adjusted for inflation since its creation in 1969 and its inception in 1970, the middle class is certainly seeing its share of higher taxes as a result.



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