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*URGENT*: Filing Deadline - File your return as soon as you can after January 1, 2009, but not later than the filing deadline, April 15, 2010. If you file late, you may have to pay.

 April 15, 2011. Federal Income Tax Return Tax Day for Tax Year 2010 
 April 15, 2011. State Income Tax Return Tax Day for Tax Year 2010 
 April 15, 2011. Extension for Federal Income Tax Return Due Date for Tax Year 2010.

  *Important notice for tax extension & late e-filers*

 After April 15, 2011:
 The IRS may apply late fee penalties + interest on taxes owed. 
 The IRS late fee penalties may not apply for those who will receive refunds. 

Today's Tax Tips Article : Federal Tax Preparation

Every year, around spring time, there is something that you must do. No, it is not spring cleaning, although you should be doing that anyway. No, you have to do your federal tax preparation. This is something that all working Americans have to do. Even if you are not employed, it is a good idea to fill out a tax return so that the government does not get suspicious. After all, they use many of the information that they get from your federal tax preparation forms in order to keep tabs on people and to make sure that they are not breaking the law. Although this sounds weird, it is definitely understandable. They are already getting your tax information so as to pay off the national debt and handle the taxes of goods. It would make sense that they would use all that valuable information for other purposes as well. Even if you do not like what they do with the information that you put in your federal tax preparation forms, you still have to fill them out. That is the duty that you are instructed with and that every American need to do. There are some individuals who do not want to fill out tax forms, and they end up getting in trouble for it. Some people even get sent to jail and have to pay hefty fines. It is better to do your taxes every year, and do them right, than have to go through something like that.

There are many ways that you can go about doing your taxes. First of all, you have the choice of either doing them yourself or using the services of a company or a professional, such as a tax accountant, to complete them for you. If you have your federal tax preparation done by someone else, keep in mind that this can cost you a bit of money. Depending on where you go and how complicated your taxes are, it may cost anywhere from fifty dollars to several hundred. Now, this might sound perfectly reasonable for someone who is rather wealthy, but it is pretty expensive to most of us. If you do not want to shell out that amount of cash, you could always do your federal tax preparation yourself. You will end up saving tons of money. There are some caveats to this method, though. For starters, doing your own taxes may be a lot of hard work, especially if your taxes are very complicated. Only do it yourself if you are up to this kind of challenge. Otherwise, stick with the professionals. Get More Tax Tips:

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